Simple Dining Table Set CT610 (特价)

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    CT610 (特价)
  • Living room
    Dining table
  • Measurements
    1.6* 90* 73
Tie together your dining room or kitchen ensemble with this lovely 6 Piece Dining Set, featuring a clean-lined silhouette and crisp white-finished design.
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Buyer Notice
【Product color difference】
All product images are the original kind of shooting, but the lighting effects and angle, and each computer monitor are different, each of the computer color brightness is not the same tune, so the color of the physical and the picture may be Color appears some color problems, so the color of the product to prevail in kind, please buyers a lot of understanding.

【Production cycle】
Normal size order, we ship in 4 to 6 weeks, if the customer needs to modify the size and color, we will be based on the factory production schedule to return to the approximate delivery time.

【Delivery and after sale】
Generally signed with the customer after the purchase contract, the deposit for the total amount of 30 percent, the factory single production, until the product finished, the person responsible for contact with customers, and provide pictures for customers to confirm and make the balance of delivery. Purchase any product of the company, after receiving the goods and found a quality problem (non-human, no use) to be returned, confirmed that we unconditionally accept Returns. As the furniture is a large item, in the process of logistics and transportation will inevitably have some bumps, resulting in a little wear and tearing furniture, customers can not use this as a reason for the return. This is the responsibility of the logistics company, our sales will be timely follow-up, will be in the after-sales service to actively solve the problem, if the customer firm return, we deduct 30% of the purchase price as my company's losses. Photographed goods as agreed to this clause, please be sure to see the pro!
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【Freight Description】
1, due to the large size of furniture, all my furniture company unified delivery, freight has been included.